Micah Hesse



b. 1991, New Mexico. Working in Chinatown, New York
Graduated from The Cooper Union School of Art, 2013

Shampaigne, (solo show), Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin 
Mood Swings (group show), Frei_Raum Q21, Vienna

On Item #8 (group show), Agnes Maybach, Cologne
A Thousand Friends (Part 2) (group show), New Jörg, Vienna
The Kids Want Communism – Second Installment (group show), Museum of Bat Yam (MoBY), Tel Aviv
Der Würfel – Lobbyless, Neumeister Bar-am, Berlin
Exo Exo, Material Art Fair, Mexico City

Factory Fetish (group show), West Space, Melbourne
Needless to Say I Have Some Unusual Habits (w/ Antoine Donezeaud), Fondazione Rivoli2, Milan
Telepathy or Esperanto? (group show), Futura, Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague
Straddle the Line Between Form and Function (group show), Galerie Jerome Pauchant, Paris
an eye for an eye w/ Daniel Boccato, Kasia Michalski Gallery, Warsaw
Uncurated Pavillion, The Wrong Digital Art Biennial Museo Universitaro Del Chopo, Mexico City

Into Spirits (solo show), The Cooper Union, New York

Open Sessions 7, Drawing Centre, Soho
The Others Art Fair, The others Screen, Turin
PAF New York, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn
GENIUS LOCI | spirit of place, Driveway 327, Los Angeles
Bouquet Complex: A Collective Screening, Kimberly-Klark, Queens
Speculation and Counter–Speculation (symposium), Museum of Bat Yam (MoBY), Tel Aviv
Office Riddim, ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn

Lobbyless on DISmagazine
Lonely Without A Company on DISmagazine


2016, HD video animation, ∞ 07:15’, sound.

Illuminatic, 2016

2016, HD video animation, ∞ 01:21’, no sound.

Types of Stereo (Trailer)

2016, 3D stereoscopic HD video animation, ∞ 04:42’, subtitles, no sound.

Stranger with the Rain

2015, HD video animation, ∞ 00:53’ (loop), no sound.

Lonely Without a Company

2015, HD video animation, ∞ 07:36’, sound.